Life & Earth Science 9th year - basic education

Author Nicolas Jammal, Huguette Jammal, Hiam Ramli, Laudy Khreich, Afaf Hajj, Ghaida Darazi
Size 19 X 27 cm
Pages 232
Weight 590 g
Edition 2018
Series Scientifica Series
ISBN 978-614-435-214-4
Subject Science
Language English
Age & Level 14+
Program Lebanese
Educational Materials Book, Teacher's Book
Digital Books Windows, Mac, Android
Copyright Habib Publishers

This book, from « Scientifica » collection for grade nine is divided into six units. Each unit contains a particular scientific field: From Food to Nutrients: Digestion, The Use of Nutrients and Oxygen, Nutrition and health, Oxygen Up-Take and Carbon Dioxide Release: Respiration, transport and Distribution of Nutrients and Oxygen: Circulation, Regulation of the Internal Medium: Urinary Function. This book is available as a digital interactive version with a teacher’s guide.
For each chapter, the student as an apprentice researcher is invited to question, observe, research, experiment, discover, and reach a clear answer to their hypothesis.

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