Physics 9th year - basic education

Author Nidal el Alam, Elie Choufani, Ali Muslem
Size 21 X 28 cm
Pages 256
Weight 650 g
Edition 2022
Series Scientifica Series
ISBN 978-614-435-275-5
Subject Physics
Language English
Age & Level 14+
Program Lebanese
Educational Materials Book, Teacher's Book
Digital Books Windows, Mac, Android
Copyright Habib Publishers

Grade 9 Physics curriculum is composed of four units:

· Optics

· Electricity

· Mechanics

· Heat

The textbook has 12 chapters, four of which are not taught anymore.

Each chapter has the following:

- the learning objectives of the chapter

- experimental activities

- conclusions from which theorems and laws are deduced

- the summary, which allows the students to master the main ideas

- interactive exercises to control the acquisition of knowledge

- evaluation exercises, modified according to the new evaluation standards

- exercises for official exams.

The interactive digital manual includes animations, simulations, interactive exercises and graphic tables.

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